Building EWS using Edge AI and IoT

Reference No. 2022a025
Type/Category Grant for Young Researchers and Students-Short-term Joint Research
Title of Research Project Building EWS using Edge AI and IoT
Principal Investigator Muhammad Nurjati Hidayat(Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering / PhD Student)
Research Period October 15, 2022. - October 15, 2022.
Keyword(s) of Research Fields edge AI, IoT, sediment related disaster, EWS, mathematical sustainnovation
Objectives and Expected Results In recent years, more accurate early warning systems (EWS) have been developed using the latest technologies such as IoT and AI to mitigate rainfall induced landslide disasters. However, these systems require wired internet or Wi-Fi to transmit data from sensors to a complex network of servers, which are costly and consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, there is a need to develop a new integrated real-time data-driven monitoring system that can handle "instantaneous data”. In addition , transmitting recorded data through Wi-Fi or cellular networks is not feasible in many mountainous and underpopulated areas. Furthermore, analyzing the data accumulated in the sensor networks on a cloud server places an excessive load on the network. To solve this problem, it is essential to develop an EWS that leverages edge AI and IoT technologies and can process large chunks of data in real-time. By using edge AI, the network load can be reduced, data can be collected and analyzed instantaneously in the monitoring site itself, thus overcoming the weaknesses of the conventional EWS.
This system will be evaluated and validated in the laboratory, and in future, a pilot study will be conducted in mountainous region of Fukuoka Prefecture.
Organizing Committee Members (Workshop)
Participants (Short-term Joint Usage)
Hemanta Hazarika(Kyushu University / Professor)
Yasuhide Fukumoto(Kyushu University / Professor)
Nguyen Thi Hoai Linh(Kyushu University / Researcher)
Yan Liu(Kyushu University / Doctoral Student)
Yusaku Isobe(IMAGEi Consulyant Corporation / CEO)
Naoto Watanabe(KFC Ltd. / Diector)
Tsuyoshi Tanaka(Tokyo City University / Technical Expert)
Sugeng Wahyudi(NITTOC Construction Co., Ltd. / Section Manager)
Haruichi Kanaya(Kyushu University / Professor)
Yoshifumi Kochi(K's Lab Inc. / President)
Masanori Murai(Shimizu Corporation / Senior Engineer)
Kazuaki Tanaka(Kyushu Institute of Technology / Associete Professor)
Public Website
Adviser Yasuhide Fukumoto (IMI, Kyushu University / Professor)