Advances in Sophisticated Cryptography and Mathematical Techniques

Reference No. 2022a021
Type/Category Grant for General Research-Workshop (II)
Title of Research Project Advances in Sophisticated Cryptography and Mathematical Techniques
Principal Investigator Fumitaka Hoshino(University of Nagasaki, Faculty of Information Security / Professor)
Research Period November 07, 2022. - November 09, 2022.
Keyword(s) of Research Fields Cryptography, Advanced cryptography, Cryptocurrency, Post-quantum cryptography, Secure computation
Objectives and Expected Results Mobile communication service already looks ahead to the 6th Generation (6G) at a research phase, and the discussion to realize it as practical use after 2030 is actively performed.
In the background, there is a purpose to innovation for human society beyond the mere realization of communication infrastructure with high speed and low latency. In particular, automatic driving, machine learning, augmented reality, smart contract, and quantum computing are focused.
Accordingly, the expectation of cryptography becomes more sophisticated, and mathematical techniques beyond the undergraduate level such as Weil pairing, lattice theory, isogeny, quantum theory are occasionally seen in some applications to cryptography.
In cryptography, mathematics is known for studying significant changes in recent years.
Arranging such mathematical techniques is necessary to study next-generation cryptosystems realizing high function or security.
In particular, the following research area is important from a practical point of view:
(1) Advanced cryptography (Public key encryption with key search, homomorphic encryption)
(2) Cryptocurrency (Blockchain)
(3) Post-quantum cryptography
(4) Secure computation
This workshop aims to gather academic and industrial researchers from Japan and overseas to share knowledge of the mathematical approach used in constructing next-generation cryptosystems.
Moreover, the participants consider practical problems that the industry is facing and discuss their possible solutions.
This workshop includes tutorials of next-generation cryptography, invited talks about recent results, and panel discussions.
Organizing Committee Members (Workshop)
Participants (Short-term Joint Usage)
Ryo Kikuchi(NTT / Researcher)
Satsuya Ohata((Nothing) / Freelance)
Hiroaki Anada(Aomori University / Professor)
Yuntao Wang(Osaka University / Lecturer)
Koji Nuida(Kyushu University / Professor)
Yasuhiko Ikematsu(Kyushu University / Assistant professor)
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