Statistical science in data science

Reference No. 2022a010
Type/Category Grant for General Research-Workshop(Ⅱ)
Title of Research Project Statistical science in data science
Principal Investigator Hroki Masuda(Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University / Professor)
Research Period November 26, 2022. - November 26, 2022.
Keyword(s) of Research Fields Statistical sciences, Collaboration with sciences
Abstract for Research Report Data science is a scientific field that studies how to extract information hidden in actual phenomena and has a wide range of subjects. The purpose of this meeting is to promote the exchange of basic and applied research related to statistical sciences, which plays an important role in it, and at the same time to lead the development and deepening by feedback in each field. Based on our experience so far, in addition to sharing information on the latest research results, we place great importance on providing time for free and open exchange of opinions in situations where specialized fields are not too close to each other.
It has been several years since the term data science came into the limelight. Behind this is the flood of complex and diverse large-scale data due to improvements in information-processing and data-communication technologies. However, there is a big gap between simply collecting data and extracting useful information quantitatively and logically. To ensure simple and clear interpretation of data and reproducibility of analysis methods, it is essential to develop and implement a general-purpose statistical analysis tool in a white box format; a good example of this is the model invented by Professor Takashi Tsuchiya for predicting the number of people infected with the new coronavirus. This is why statistical science has become more important than ever in the huge scientific field of data science.
Statistical science should be developed with mathematical statistics, background knowledge about applications, and computer (implementation) capabilities. With the diversification and growing scale of data in recent years, there is an urgent need to develop a theoretical background in a form customized for each field. Through this meeting, we intend to grow the buds of organic cross-disciplinary collaboration with statistics as a common language from a medium- to long-term perspective. It is expected that a new integrated research area will be created, collaboration with industry, feedback to basic mathematical research, and its deepening.
Organizing Committee Members (Workshop)
Participants (Short-term Joint Usage)
Koji Tsukuda(Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University / Associate Professor)
Kei Hirose(IMI, Kyushu University / Associate Professor)